How to participate

Organisations and/or individuals can play a part by coordinating groups of people
to take part in the painting sessions.

We are looking for people having a connection with the borough of Brent, such as schools (special and main stream), play groups, spiritual organisations, local businesses, community care centers, and pensioner clubs, anyone who wants to be part of this colourful project.

This is a very inclusive art project involving people working together on a canvas to be part of the large scale exhibited art work.

What we offer

We provide a three hour painting session for groups of a minimum of 8 people. For each session we supply a stretched linen canvas measuring 950mm x 950mm, oil paints, brushes, overalls and other necessary materials.


We are at present applying for funding from the Arts Council and Brent organizations, but in the meantime we would appreciate some contributions towards the materials, as this is a very expensive project.