Walls of Colour

Notre Art presents a unique Art Program made of 35 oil paintings which will be exhibited together as one painting.  This is called ‘Walls of Colour”…

  beas party picture (2)  happy-harlesden-fotos-096     plus 33 more canvases…

  • happy-harlesden-fotos-014Each individual painting will be painted by a different group of people from local communities and measure 950mm x 950mm.
  • The paintings will be hung closely together to create the wall of colour, 7 paintings across by 5 down to cover a wall area of approximately 7 meters by five meters.
  • The aim of the activity is to produce a wall of colour in the medium of oil paint to be painted by members of the public and exhibited in a public space. By doing so we hope to bring people of all ages of varying cultures and backgrounds together to experience and enjoy the creation of a piece of community art done by the people, for the people and exhibited in a public arena.
  • happy-harlesden-fotos-046We ensure the painting is carried out within the traditions of art and make painting  accessible with oils to people with or without such experience. The legacy of this project will be that those involved have a greater understanding of the creations of others and an appreciation of some aspects of the same e.g. to mix or not to mix colours is always a topic discussed when I have done such work in the past.
  • Furthermore the experience takes on a public role in its exhibited form and is then happy-harlesden-fotos-041shared by lots of people who didn’t create it. We would hope that this project will expand to others of a similar nature bringing art to local people’s attention.
  • The paintings will be painted in a sequence and although painted by different groups of people all the participants taking part will only have seen their own painting prior to the wall of colour being hung in a public exhibition space. The participants will be invited to the opening of “|The wall of colour” exhibition where they, as the artists will be acknowledged.
All images from recent Walls of Colour project for Brent Civic Centre

Current Project
Venue : Brent Civic Centre
Date Started : May 2013 – …
Facilitators: Beatriz Petri & Marion Mainstone