Artist Representation

Matching your artists to suit the taste of your audience is key as is developing your relationship with artists. Beatriz has the following personal skills able to support you as an artist :

  • People skills, strong networking and a good working knowledge of PR
  • Selling and negotiation skills
  • Dedication and knowledge of art, and the art world

Beatriz is working closely with a range of different individuals including commissioners, curators and commercial clients. But what lies at the heart of the job is the relationship you have with the artist and the passion and enthusiasm for art.

How Beatriz can represent you:

  • Management of online sales
  • Taking your art to auctions,  art fairs, art shows and galleries and exhibitions.
  • Entering your art in competitions (eg the Royal Academy of Art Summer exhibition)
  • Develop your artistic career
  • Display your art in client’s premises.
  • Organize studio space for international artists to work in London.


IMG_7861Work by Eduoardo Petri, Brazilian Artist

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